Welcome to the Many Movie Theater, where you can watch the best WoF videos, and possibly Harry Potter, too*!

Want to do something else than watch fan-made Youtube Videos movies?

Here are the roles that you can take!

*The movies don't have to be either WoF or HP themed. It just have to be either interesting and/or entertaining. Edit

Snackmakers Edit

Snackmakers are people who basically make interesting snacks and drinks that people could take to the movie! It's pretty much the same thing as the Salesperson in Seany's Marketplace. I, FancyFerret, shall be a snackmaker, but will not include myself to fill the limited spots.

(Note that you can still watch the movie even when handling with customers)

Snackmakers (Open):

0. FancyCarrot

1. Wolfwhisker the Silkwing-Nightwing

2. Pandy888





Moviemakers Edit

Moviemakers actually don't make the movie (Unless they post their own content/Youtube video). The actual purpose of moviemakers is that is their job to hunt for any entertaining or interesting videos. Moviemakers will have to vote for the 3 main movies for this day/week/month/year.  (Please don't make like only one movie of the year). Also note that the movies have to be appropriate with little to no swearing. There are kids everywhere, guys. This wiki is for all ages. (Also when the movie have a 'little swearing' part, please have it 'beeped' or some other weird ways to censor it that I probably don't know. If you can't, then just ignore it.)

Moviemakers (Open):

1. MangoTheRainWing

2. Grain the Seawing

3. Mamba the Sandwing

4. SkyFireStone 



Movies playing this day/week/month/year: Edit

First Screen:


Second Screen: Blackpink DDU-DDU-DDU parody


Third Screen:


Fourth Screen:


Fifth Screen:


Sixth Screen:


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